A cancer diagnosis generally creates a period of uncertainty and strain in the lives of a patient and their loved ones. Our aim is to deliver the best possible patient experience within the bounds of that setting.

Getting a referral

All patients at Yarra Oncology require a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) or specialist. Please ask your GP or specialist to prepare a referral and fax or email a copy of this document to us prior to your appointment. You can also bring it to our clinic in person or upload it to our practice via your secure Patient Portal Account by clicking here.

Making an appointment

Please call our clinic to make an appointment with our doctors. We always aim to accommodate the time critical nature of patient appointments; we will see all urgent referrals within 24 hours and will schedule new appointments as soon as possible.

Patient Registration

Yarra Oncology register your details in our secure system in advance of your appointment. This saves you valuable time in the clinic and ensures we are able to prioritise what is important: your medical care. Once you have an appointment scheduled with Yarra Oncology, please register as a new patient by clicking here.

Contact and Support Persons

Yarra Oncology recognise the importance of establishing and maintaining a robust communications channel with our patients and their support people. We also maintain a firm commitment to protecting the privacy of our patients. With these commitments in mind, we will ask each patient to nominate one support person as a point of contact regarding medical matters: Yarra Oncology are only able to communicate with this nominated point of contact regarding a patient’s health and treatment.

Our doctors recognise that a cancer diagnosis is an uncertain time and encourage our patients to invite their primary support people along to their clinic appointments to ensure questions are answered and concerns addressed. Please note that COVID-19 protocols must be adhered to at all times.

Before your appointment

There are many issues that need to be covered in an oncology appointment – some patients find it can be helpful to compile a list of questions to bring along to an appointment. Please also think about scripts that you might need and any symptoms or side effects to you may be experiencing. If you need to complete scans or blood tests before your appointment, please make sure these appointments are completed a few days prior to your Yarra Oncology appointment.

Appointment Types

Yarra Oncology patients may be seen in person at our clinic or may participate in a telehealth appointment with our doctors.

In-person appointment: Please arrive at our clinic in Ringwood East as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible. This allows us to manage the number of patients and support people in attendance, particularly in light of COVID-19 restrictions and infection risk. Parking is available to the rear of the building.

Telehealth appointment: Our doctors will contact you on your nominated telephone number as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible.


Yarra Oncology is a private practice, meaning fees are payable for consults with our doctors. You are welcome to contact our practice at any time to discuss the fee schedule applicable to you. A total fee will be charged on the day of the consult, either in person or via telephone; if a referral is in place and a patient has a Medicare card, we will submit our patient’s consult details to Medicare who will apply a standard rebate schedule and process this rebate payment directly to their bank account. Please let us know if you are a patient with a pensioner or healthcare card holder to allow us to adjust your private fee if applicable.